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Get a FREE assessment of my rental property. Start here!

Get a FREE assessment of my rental property. Start here!

Fabiola Bravo has been with the company since September 2020. She is responsible for marketing and communication strategies, social media, design and all related to make things look prettier to our clients.

Before joining RPM, Fabiola spent 2 years in restaurant and hospitality industry, 5 years in retail and 2 years as a freelancer. Was in the retail years as a Marketing Manager in a car dealer shop where she fined-tune her project management skills and learned a lot about processes, continuous improvement and leadership.

She has always developed in a multicultural environment from her family to school and work. Fabiola is always looking to grow up and learn as much as she can from her colleagues.

In her spare time, Fabiola is always looking to improve and learn new languages, she likes to read, watch movies, outdoor activities and travel.  At the same time, she likes to run and when is possible to enroll in competitions.

“We always have something to learn from each other, we only have to pay attention.”