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Get a FREE assessment of my rental property. Start here!

Get a FREE assessment of my rental property. Start here!

Top Ten Questions And Answers

How Do I Get My Property Rented Out More Quickly?

Our professional tips for leasing management in Southern Connecticut can show you the important steps to take to find the right property, get that home rent-ready, and aggressively market your rental. Some landlords new to the rental business might not realize the importance of preparation before putting out the “For Rent” sign. You can download our Rent Ready Checklist to keep you on track. Our rent ready services also include professional remodel services, safety inspections, and make sure your home has curb appeal. When the preparation work is finished, we will aggressively advertise and show your rental. Give us 29 days, and we will find a place qualified tenants in your property.

What Can I Do to Make Sure My Property Gets and Stays Rented?

Where some Southern Connecticut property management companies are just eager to help you collect the rent, we make sure you have fewer vacancy days, so your rent collecting is stable and consistent. Our professional team responds promptly to maintenance needs and provides superior customer service to your tenants. A well-maintained home where tenants feel secure and comfortable will stay rented more than it sits vacant. Our goal is to make your home the place where people want to stay.

How Can I Make Rent Collection Faster and Less Stressful?

With careful tenant selection and a strict rent collecting policy, you start the rent collecting process on the right foot. Rent policies are clearly explained at leasing signing, and tenants have online payment options. Real Property Management Southern Connecticut has the technology-driven rent-collecting process that keeps your cash flow secure and consistent.

How Can I Keep Maintenance Costs Down on My Rental Property?

Maintenance and repairs are the reality of leasing management in Southern Connecticut. Regular property inspections let our management team assess the needs of your property and take care of problems before they become costly repairs or equipment replacements. We also take care of seasonal needs at your rental. Homeowners also enjoy discounts on supplies and equipment with our preferred vendor pricing.

Should I Manage My Own Rental Property to Save Money?

Self-managing might sound like a nice hobby but it can quickly turn into more than a full-time job. Real Property Management Southern Connecticut has a comprehensive list of services that save you time and money. Our team saves you from costly penalties and fees when we keep your rental compliant with leasing laws and codes. Proactive maintenance keeps repair costs down. Consider how much your time is worth and then learn about the management advantages you experience with Real Property Management Southern Connecticut.

Won’t Professional Management Fees Hurt My Cash Flow?

The true bite to your cash flow is a rental home sitting vacant. You always know what Real Property Management Southern Connecticut charges for the services you use. Our local expertise and long-term experience give every homeowner an edge in the rental market. Our proven processes mean fewer vacancy days, fewer costly mistakes, and consistent rent payments. Your property investing experience will be more stable and successful with our professional management team.  

If I Hire a Professional Manager, How Will I Know What’s Happening With My Property?

We believe in transparent business when it comes to leasing management in Southern Connecticut. With our technology-based system, homeowners have access to an exclusive owners portal where our clients can view financial statement, maintenance reports, and inspections photos of their property. If you ever have questions or concerns about your property, you can always call our live-person hotline 24/7.

How Do I Choose the Best Property Manager in Southern Connecticut?

At Real Property Management Southern Connecticut, we encourage investors to shop around for the right leasing management in Southern Connecticut. We will even give you a checklist of what to look for in a great management company. We have confidence that you will not find another company with upfront pricing, no hidden fees, an expert maintenance team, proactive marketing strategies, and superior customer service like you find at Real Property Management Southern Connecticut.

Why Should I Trust Real Property Management Southern Connecticut?

When you are looking for a professional property manager, you need the team with local expertise and over 30 years of experience. Other companies also diversify their services to include buying and selling property. We focus only on managing rental property without distractions. None of the other Southern Connecticut property management companies can claim to offer the extensive list of services for rental property management that you find at Real Property Management Southern Connecticut. Whether you have one rental home or many investment properties in your portfolio, we have the experience to help in every phase of the leasing cycle.

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